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Slack and Trello: integration problem (multiple connection setting)

2016-12-01 19:50 - NozawaTakeshi

Hello. This is Takeshi in developer team.

Slack is most major team-chat application all over the world especially among developers. Also, Trello is a smart project management system with the virtual task board, so-called “Kanban”.

I have a confident these applications make developer’s task to be more easy to handle, understandable and to reduce communication cost. Most important thing is integration with each applications.

On these days, I’ve tried them. but I faced a little trouble about the connection. It is a limitation of connection: “Slack cannot accept notification from multiple trello’s boards under one trello’s team”. In other words, I call it as a problem of “one slack team, one trello board”. As a result, I can realize it was wrong. You can accept notification of multiple board with one slack team’s channel.

I find out it was from my foolish mistake. I hesitated to share of it, but I guess some people got in same trouble. Here, I would like to introduce it.

Look at two pictures below.

a board can connect only one  board

a board can connect only one  board

If you make the connection between trello and slack enable, your slack can accept notification from trello when a card was created, modified and someone add comment on a card.
But there is a limitation.

Slack can accept notification from only one board in one channel. It means “one team, one channel (one board, one channel)”.

It is very inconvenient.

If you have many board in one trello’s team and you wish to accept notification from trello by slack, you have to make as many slack’s team as trello’s board.

So, I asked a question to Trello’s supporting team, how to solve it. On the next morning, they quickly replied to me and kindly teach me a solution. According to them, I just missed a button to add configuration of slack to connect Trello.

a button to add a configuration of connection with trello

This is my stupid story. But I think some of you are under the same situation, because it is so hard to find, isn’t it?

Then you don’t have to make so many slack’s team. And You will accept multiple board’s notification from trello with multiple channels in one slack’s team.
Thus a relation between slack and trello become “multiple channel, multiple boards”.

I hope this short article will help for you a little bit.
With comfortable work!